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Cloud solution for pharmacy, dispensing physicians, nursing, and reimbursement

Use a single cloud application for clinical, operational, and financial disciplines, including management reports


  • cloud computing with 128-bit SSL security, the same technology as online banking, to protect your data
  • Oracle® database


  • Medi-Span Facts & Comparisons Drug Information Bridge (DIB) including Adverse Drug Effects, Drug Dosage, Drug-Food-Alcohol Effects, Drug Interactions, Duplicate Therapy, Prior Adverse Reaction, Patient Counseling, Patient Drug Education, Precautions Reference, and Spanish language monographs
  • Faxes, photos, Word documents, spreadsheets, etc. linked to patient, physician, prescription, nursing visit or invoice
  • Electronic chart notes


  • Multiple management reports
  • License tracking


  • Perpetual inventory tracking DME & other serialized inventory by serial number, and tracking non-serialized inventory by lot number and drug pedigree
  • Batch item compounding
  • FedEx, DHL, UPS OnLine Tools Product Provider, and US Postal Service web shipping interfaces


  • HIPAA electronic transactions (NCPDP, X12)
  • Medi-Span Pricing Data


  • Extensive lookup and zoom capabilities on screens
  • Flexibility via extensive parameter options on reports


RxHome Software is certified to connect to the SureScripts network, the largest electronic prescribing network in the United States. The SureScripts network dramatically minimizes the time-consuming work of logging new prescriptions, and phoning and faxing physician offices to obtain authorizations for renewal requests, by allowing a direct exchange of information between computers at pharmacies and computers at physician practices.

Directly from your pharmacy computer:

  • receive and acknowledge a new prescription from a physician
  • send a request for additional refills
  • receive the approval or denial response from the physician
  • request and receive changes from a physician